A couple of months ago Benedicte got a new mobile. Well actually it was my old mobile, but you get the idea. I wiped it back to factory defaults and passed it over to her after installing her favourite apps. And that’s where the trouble started…

Our wifi network at home is complicated. We have four networks: a private one (with individual logins), a guest one, one that the car charger sits on and one for our media centres. Only the private one has unfettered access to internal addresses of which the important ones are printers and the home automation system. I tried to set up connectivity to the private one and couldn’t make it connect. I connected her to the guest network which gave her external connectivity but she couldn’t print and she couldn’t control the house. And there things sat for a while.

Eventually I tracked down the problem. The fine folk at Android had tightened security on wi-fi connectivity and the type of private network we had now needed certificates and stuff. I’ve a vague idea how certificates work but only a vague one.

So finally this weekend I bit the bullet and started to work out how to sort it out. It took about six hours of reading of manuals and helpful articles but finally it’s working.

I wrote it up here. Hopefully this may save someone a few hours.