Well, yes, I don’t photograph very well.

What have I done?

I’ve worked for most of life in Telecoms starting with British Telecom (the Post Office at the time) and got involved with the fledgling Internet in the mid 80s. I connected BT to the internet at the end of the 80s and then went on to help design and roll out the UK internet. During that time I became involved with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) sitting on its board for 12 years. I then joined the Executive Board of the RIPE NCC and served on it for 19 years. Meanwhile I was working for a variety of companies: Level 3, Packet Exchange, FLAG Telecom and Easynet. I finally left Easynet and went back to my original vocation, forming a company called Homechip which specialises in the supply of certain specialist electronic components.

My Hobbies

Over the years I’ve dabbled in many things: photography (proper analogue film), bellringing, gardening, cooking, winemaking and singing in the church choir.